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Five strategies to reduce your overdues!
Recurring late payments, unpaids due to insolvency or cash flow tensions, unresolved disputes, etc. There are many causes that negatively impact businesses cash flow and profitability. Faced with these risks, there is no fatalism but simply good practices to be applied on a daily basis. Here...
Best wishes 2022!
We wish you a new year 2022 full of light, inspiration and success! All the team of Credit Management Tools. See you soon Credit tools Follow us on our social network:
Meaning and credit management
Improving cash flow and profitability, internal processes and customer satisfaction, and supporting the development of sales are the major stakes covered by the credit management function in a company. Its interest is undeniable and can be easily quantified thanks to numerous indicators: DSO,...
How to fight against late payments?
Commercial exchanges are as old as the world. The notion of collection, particularly ancient, is derived from the Latin verb recuperare meaning the action of recovering something. In fact, during Antiquity, trade was rarely instantaneous because of the distance and the length of the shipping...

Apply recovery scenarios

Cash collection is often associated with litigation or threatening letters from bailiffs or collection companies. In fact, the pre-litigation part (sending letters of formal notice) and litigation (lawsuits) are a tiny minority. Bulk of debt collection is done and settled during the...
What's the DSO?
Discover our tutorial on the DSO which supplements the existing one concerning the DSO calculation modes (and there are some!). Main performance indicator in the management of receivables and at the same time among the most poorly understood indicators (many mistakenly assimilate it to the...
New tutorial: Credit management for an ecological transition
Find our new tutorial highlighting the challenges of credit management from the angle of the necessary transformation of our economic model into a sustainable and carbon-free model. These stakes are far from the function of credit manager do you think? It is not, quite the contrary. Read our...

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