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New tutorial: Credit management for an ecological transition
Find our new tutorial highlighting the challenges of credit management from the angle of the necessary transformation of our economic model into a sustainable and carbon-free model. These stakes are far from the function of credit manager do you think? It is not, quite the contrary. Read our...
09-17-2021 • Category : News
Risk management or cash collection?
Find our new tutorial asking the fundamental question of the purpose of the job of credit manager, its components which are all interconnected means allowing to tend towards its objective. By way of example, we will contrast two major business activities: cash collection and customer risk...
08-30-2021 • Category : News
Who stole the DSO?
Small sarcastic article written in 2015 when a company in the debt collection industry threatened us with legal action for using the term "DSO". They believed DSO word was their sole property, even if it was ridicule and stupid. DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) is the flagship indicator of...
08-26-2021 • Category : News
What are the keys of cash collection?
... and give life back to numb organizations, sometimes bloodless of the vital breath that cash represents, this "lifeblood" of companies allowing them to exist and to develop their business. Debt collection is therefore essential, particularly during the post-summer school year. But...
08-19-2021 • Category : News
How to improve your company's processes with cash collection ?
Read our tutorial on the hidden potentials of debt collection. What can it bring more than improving cash flow and working capital requirements? In fact, a lot of things are essential for the continuous improvement of the sales process. Don't neglect cash collection and Accounts receivable...
06-17-2021 • Category : News

Apply recovery scenarios

Cash collection is often associated with litigation or threatening letters from bailiffs or collection companies. In fact, the pre-litigation part (sending letters of formal notice) and litigation (lawsuits) are a tiny minority. Bulk of debt collection is done and settled during the...
Tutorial about credit limit
Find our tutorial on the credit limit, an essential element in customer risk management and pillar of a relevant and effective credit management policy.Often perceived as being restrictive in an unjustified manner, the credit limit is in reality a dynamic tool defending the interests of the seller...
04-19-2021 • Category : News
My DSO Manager crosses the € 60 billion mark of receivables managed over 12 months
Thanks to our +750 customers around the world, My DSO Manager has reached a new threshold with € 60 billion of receivable paid and cleared following a full management and actions taken in the software. The high flexibility of My DSO Manager allows quick and efficient implementation and...
03-25-2021 • Category : News
Evolution of My DSO Manager graphics!
The design of all the graphics included in My DSO Manager reports has changed. If it is above all the visual aspect that predominates, new export functionalities are also available, thus facilitating the reporting and the historization of your results. Some examples of the new graphics: DSO...
03-11-2021 • Category : News

The working capital

What is the working capital requirement (WCR)? Link between WCR and credit management (or receivables management).
Let's talk about the Working Capital Requirement (WCR) which includes Credit Management stakes. What is the Working Capital Requirement ? Working Capital Requirement is the amount of money needed to finance the gap between...
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