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About debt collection softwares
Credit management and debt collection softwares are key tools to improve cash and manage accounts receivable. Focus on these solutions
Nowadays the use of a dedicated software to manage credit management is absolutely necessary to reach a good level of performance in accounts receivable management. Excel and Access solutions & cie are definitely non-professional tools to perform such activities as: credit risk...
Zoom on the aging balance
The aging balance is a fundamental tool to manage its debt collection.
The aging balance is an ancient tool used since the beginnings of accounting and debt collection, it is always essential to: organize debt collection priorities identify issues in accounts receivable management manage performance in receivables management of a company...
Over USD 60 million of invoices paid through My DSO Manager!
Six months after the launch of the innovative debt collection software, USD 69 million have already been paid through recovery actions performed in the tool!
Over 7000 emails and interactive emails, 3000 letters, 1500 calls performed at the right time ... etc, optimal monitoring of claims and litigation, as well as a real-time evaluation of performance allow to achieve the best results through My DSO Manager. Our users like: the ease of...
In 2016, take the destiny of your business in your hands!
Will you apply credit management principles for ensuring the prosperity and sustainability of your business?
We wish you All the Best for 2016!!! Hope it is the year in which each company will implement credit management methods and tools for well being paid by their customers. Getting paid quickly and well, depends on many factors (commercial negotiations, quality, economic climate for the seller...
Use online tools for free for 30 days!
The 10 online tools of debt collection and credit management can now be used free for 30 days with no obligation to create an account.
Take advantage now of online tools of Credit Management tools: DSO calculation with count back method reporting DSO (requires to create an account) Late payment penalties calculation Invoices due dates calculation based on most of existing payment terms ...
Improvement of the late payment penalties calculator
New functionalities have been added to calculate the late payment penalties according to the payment date for each invoice or current date.
The new version of the calculator complete the features of the first tool. It calculates the amount of delay penalties according to the due date of each invoice and the payment date if it is filled or the current date if it is not. The tool also includes fixed collection fee compensation of...
When using a debt collection software has never been easier
My DSO Manager is revolutionising the use of debt collection software, now available for all sizes of business
Excel is often a close friend of the cash collector. Probably too much! To be so close, you do end up seeing only the defects of your partner, even if it is a spreadsheet on your computer. Indeed, even for an expert pivot tables and macros and other functions, Excel is very limited to manage his...
What are the payment behaviors of companies in Morocco?
Coface has published a very interesting study on the payment behavior of companies in Morocco. Here is a synthesis and an analysis
The evolution of late payments is a good indicator of the health of an economy. While the payment terms used depend on cultural and legislative, an increase of payment delays the consequences of the financial difficulties of companies. The analysis of the situation in Morocco is...
New features included in MY DSO MANAGER
Details of last release of My DSO Manager, the new debt collection software
Here are the new features recently added to MY DSO MANAGER: They are related to the ergonomy of the tool with the quick search feature, the languages available on dunning documents for statements of accounts and data retrieved with #Hashtags and a facility to add quickly a contact for collection...
Speed up collection of your receivable after the summer with My DSO Manager
September is a crucial month during which getting the cash is critical to your business. Use My DSO Manager now to optimize the effectiveness of your recovery!
September is a key period in the management of debt collection. The business activity restarts at full capacity, soliciting their cash to fund this increase while cash is stretched because of a spike in payment delays due to the summer period. Everyone runs after the payment of its invoices...

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