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My DSO Manager news: formatting of postmail letters, multi-entity reports and currencies management
My DSO Manager always gets improved to be the most efficient credit management software. Here are the last news and released done on the SaaS solution.
You will find below the new features recently added to My DSO Manager: Improvement concerning the formatting of postmail letters ? it is now possible to simply add style effects to your mails (colors, bold, etc.) Manage your account's currencies conversion rates ? by...
How to perform reliable credit analysis during Covid-19 crisis?
What is credit analysis and how does it help to prevent the risk of unpaid invoices especially during actual crisis which may impact creditworthiness of businesses very quickly?
The crisis that strikes us is so sudden that the situation of companies can drastically change in the space of a few weeks. How to take into account this major risk of seeing your customers become insolvent and not being able to pay your invoices? How to assess their resilience to the crisis?Find...
How crisis show how people and companies are?
Inter-company credit, a real thermometer of the attitude of companies in times of crisis. How to orient it in the right direction?
«Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked.». This somewhat grotesque maxim by Warren Buffet illustrates, however, an inherent reality in times of crisis: if stability frames behavior and conditions it, exceptional situations break these locks and reveals...
The credit management facing a shock wave
Assessment of the economic impacts on businesses and inter-company credit of the crisis following the Covid19. How to cope ?
French companies have applied for state-guaranteed loans for nearly 3 billion euros. The number of people already on partial unemployment has also crossed the 5 million threshold and this should continue.The deaths are numerous and it does not matter where we are on the planet. This unprecedented...
Credit tools and My DSO Manager to optimize your company's cash inflows
Our entire team is on the bridge to provide all of our users with the best tools to manage their Accounts Receivable and accelerate their company's cash inflows.
Dear customers, dear visitors, In this difficult period for everyone, we really want to inform you that Credit Management tools and My DSO Manager team remains active and mobilized to ensure the continuation of the service, the quality of the support and to provide you with key advice for cash...
Covid-19 crisis and credit management: act now!
What impact on credit management and accounts receivables management will have the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19?
In addition to the health and human impact, the effects of the global health crisis will be obviously major for the economy. It will probably be more significant than those of the 2008 crisis which "was only a financial crisis" whose effects on the economy had certainly been significant but which...
The payment profile, a major advantage for an efficient management of your Accounts Receivable
How to use the payment profiles to optimize the management of the Accounts Receivable of its company and to highlight the internal problems?
Nowadays, profiling is best known as a solid way to collect information related to the profiles of Internet users from their reactions to e-mails, advertisements and their browsing behavior on the web in order to identify in particular their buying behavior. So why not imagine that your...
Happy New Year with Credit Management tools!
Credit tools and My DSO Manager team wish you a very Happy New Year for 2020 and to optimize your company's Accounts Receivable, thus ensuring its sustainability and development.
A company is a living organism in perpetual evolution which must adapt to its environment to survive and develop. The quality of the services and products marketed must constantly be improved in order to correspond to the market and the needs of the customers. As such, the AR is a good...
Which credit management organization in SMEs?
How can SMEs organize themselves for optimal management of their accounts receivables? Which actors should be involved with which organization?
How to manage the last but essential step in the sales process of your business? The one without which everything that has been done previously was done for nothing: commercial negotiation, delivery or realization of the service, billing and after-sales service, etc. Find out our tutorial...
New tutorial about collection efficiency rate
Check out our tutorial on this Key Performance Indicator, which is stimulating and positive, and allows collectors to constantly evaluate themselves.
Evaluating the performance of the collection managers very often leads to many questions as no indicator is really indisputable. Unlike sales people for whom turnover and order taking are unavoidable, the subject here is more complex. The collection efficiency seems to be an extremely...
How to manage customer risk with My DSO Manager?
Modern, intuitive and powerful software created by credit managers, My DSO Manager integrates all the features required for a smooth and optimal management of customer risk.
Assessing the creditworthiness of customers and then adapting payment conditions accordingly are the first key steps to avoid bad debts and late payments. My DSO Manager, full Credit Management solution, allows to analyze and control the risk with several integrated functionalities: ...

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