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Tutorial about the DSO, the credit management KPI
What is the Days Sales Outstanding? How to compute it and how to use it to improve credit management performance? What are the limits of the DSO?
The Days Sales Outstanding is the most used Key Performance Indicator in Credit Management. The purpose of this indicator is to get it lowest as possible. However, there are several ways to compute it and to understand it. Read our tutorial about the DSO! You will find explanations about the...
Happy New Year with Credit Management tools and My DSO Manager!
2018 will be a positive year! Growth is there and must be managed well in order to be beneficial to your business. It's time to improve credit management practices and put in place the right tools!
Best wishes for 2018! Credit Management tools and My DSO Manager wish you every success in your business!
Tutorial about credit management
New tutorial about credit management. What is it? What's its purpose? What is the role of the credit manager?
Credit management should be used by any company working in Business to Business whatever is her size. Even those who do not have a credit manager employee shall apply the key principles of this function that is key for the sustainability of all companies, especially small and medium...
Approve your credit limits in My DSO Manager
Setting a credit limit per customer is essential to properly manage the credit risk. My DSO Manager now offers a credit limit validation workflow based on user-defined levels (credit analyst, CFO, ...etc.)
Set a credit limit for each of your buyers allows to manage your accounts receivable according to their financial capacity and their solvency. This is a key element in the management of the risk of bad debts, which is the root cause of financial issues of many companies. My DSO Manager...
Improve your business cash flow and customer satisfaction with My DSO Manager
As a modern, efficient and qualitative solution, My DSO Manager is used by large international groups as well as small and medium-sized companies.
How to accelerate cash receipts, solve disputes more quickly and increase the credibility of your company with your customers? Just focus on the causes of late payments and unpaid invoices! ? The use of debt collection and credit management software helps to achieve these goals while improving...
How to value the cost of the Accounts Receivable?
New tutorial and online tool to calculate the financial cost of trade receivables for your business. This is key to define sales and payment conditions and to evaluate the ROI of a AR financing solution.
How much does cost the Accounts Receivable to your business? Are your factoring contract, or early payment discount offers profitable? Why and how to value this balance sheet current asset which is often one of the biggest? With which method? And which one is the good? It is to try to...
New tutorial: what organization in SMEs for debt collection?
Which of the sales or accounting departments must take care of customer reminders? With what interactions and what tools? What systems work?
Do you have an organization and a sharing of responsibility that allows your company to perform well in debts collection management? Have you thought about this mode of operation to get the best results? Do you get paid well by your customers? The hybrid nature of debt management between...
The Credit Management paradox
What is the Credit Management paradox? How this essential function is available only in few companies?
Credit Management is every passing day a function whose necessity is more recognized by business managers. In a context of economic crisis where companies are struggling to fund the development of their activity, the speed-up of cash...
Request late payment penalties to your overdue customers
Late penalties are a great tool to educate your customers to pay on time and to get a financial compensation in case of overdue. How to apply them?
Invoices should be paid on their due date unless there is a good reason to not pay them: material or service delivered is not complete, invoice is wrongly issued, quality issue... etc. In all other cases, you should have your invoices paid on time according to the due date as committed by your...
Debt collection Media Tutorial
Chase up customers for payment is a good practice! But with what media? Phone, email, SMS, interactive email ... Which communication vectors choose to be the most effective?
New tutorial on recovery media. Which media are most used? Are some obsolete or forbidden? What are the most appropriate means of communication for debt collection?   Is it necessary to adapt the media according to the level of dunning, or the type of customer, the collection...
Zoom on the debt collection kit
Download the collection kit including many templates of reminder mails and emails as well as tutorials for each step of the telephone call, from pre-chase to pre-litigation.
Debt collection management requires several competencies to be efficient : Good understanding of accounts receivable management and stakes of this activity (cash, profitability, customer satisfaction ...) Sales and relationship skills, whether with clients or internally ...

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