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Late penalty: The European Central Bank dramatically increases its interest rates!
What impact on trade credit and payment delays between professionals?
In response to the skyrocketing inflation of the past few months (9.1% in August in the Euro zone!) the European Central Bank has raised its key interest rate by 75 basis points, establishing it at 0.75%. It is the highest raise ever recorder by the Frankfurt Institute which is not concealing the...
Credit management at the heart of the economic transition!
What is the role of credit management in an economic world where paradigm shifts are accelerating and becoming more and more necessary, certainly vital?
Widen the field of possibilities by anticipating the unexpected. Support the development/growth (evolution FR = croissance ou changement ?) by controlling risks. Participate in the turnover’s growth while maintaining the financial equilibrium. Shift towards profitable sales. Sell and get...
My DSO Manager: request a personalized demo!
September is an opportunity to inject new energies into your business. Find out how the implementation of My DSO Manager can modernize customer relations and improve your cash flow sustainably!
How to you manage your business' Accounts Receivable? Do you use your accounting software or extractions made on Excel or even an old and outdated credit management software? If so, it means that the last and essential step in your company's sales process could be greatly improved and...
Take part in the exclusive webinar on how to evaluate the performance of your business!
Cash collection, credit risk management, dispute resolution, how to evaluate the performance of your company?
What day? Thursday September 22th, 2022 What time? 3:30pm to 4:00 pm ...
My DSO Manager is recruiting a Software Support Assistant
Do you have experience in BtoB collection and/or credit management, with good interpersonal skills, bilingual french/english? Are you looking for a professional opportunity in a special company, which develops and markets an exceptional business software?
The compagny P2B Solutions is a company created in 2015 and editor of the Saas software My DSO Manager used by more than 1200 companies in 85 countries. With a strong development in France and abroad, it has become a leader in its sector. My DSO Manager is an attractive credit management...
Accounts receivable management
Manage your accounts receivable efficiently using a powerful and intuitive tool.
What does it mean? Accounts receivable includes all the invoices issued by the company as well as the outstanding amounts recorded by the accounting department. It is an important asset, corresponding to receivables awaiting payment, invoices overdue for payment and unpaid invoices. The...
New status of individual entrepreneur: What consequences for cash collection?
Simplification, standardization and protection of personal assets are the three key words of the new status dedicated to natural persons exercising their professional activity in their own name.
The new status of sole proprietorship replaces the existing variants and clarifies the situation somewhat for their creditors, even if some inequalities are looming for them. What is it about? Promulgated on February 15, 2022, the law N°2022-172 in favor of the independent professional...
Late payments will increase in the coming months
Pandemic, difficult geopolitical context, inflation, difficulty to find staff, rising interest rates... So many factors that impact the health of French companies.
In France, in the space of one year, payment delays between companies have increased from 11 to 17 days, while those of public services to companies have exploded from 9 to 23 days, according to Intrum. Businesses are expecting a further increase in late payments this year, driven by...
How to implement an effective collection strategy?
To ensure a healthy business, it is vital that customers pay invoices on the contractual due date. The best way to make sure this happens is to have a cash collection system in place that is as efficient as possible.
Check customer satisfaction before the due date The first thing to do is to measure the level of customer satisfaction by phone, mail or e-mail. Unhappy customers are likely to pay late. If there is a lot of dissatisfaction, the financial repercussions can be significant for your...
My DSO Manager, the credit management software in Alpine style
A climb in high altitude takes a few days in Alpine style or several months in classical style. The same applies to the implementation of a software. My DSO Manager is the first credit management solution in Alpine style
The Alpine-style refers to mountain climbers who make climbs in high altitude in an autonomous and very fast way thanks to the high skills and quality of equipment. It is opposed to the classical expedition style where mountaineers set up fixed camps, connected by fixed ropes, fed with material...
Participate in the webinar exclusively on the risk agenda
Experience enhanced risk management in My DSO Manager with a dynamic and relevant risk agenda! 100% in real time!
  What day? Thursday June 23th, 2022 What time? 2:00 to 2:30 pm ...

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