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How to assess the Profit and Loss account?
As an essential step in credit analysis, the interpretation of the income statement provides key information to assess the solvency and sustainability of a company.
Find our tutorial on the first part of the financial analysis of a company concerning the income statement and the resulting indicators. Whether it is to estimate the value of a business or to determine a credit limit in the context of a business relationship, P&L analysis is a key and...
Why and how to find information about your prospects and customers?
Anticipate rather than cure. The adage so often used applies perfectly to the profession of credit manager. How to anticipate? How to find data about creditworthiness of your customers?
Find our tutorial of information to obtain in order to assess the risk of default with its customers. What information is needed? How to get them? How to exploit them? Also find a list of paid and free sources offering simple information (public financial data) to the most sophisticated (big...
New tutorial released: how to perform Green Cash Collection?
Green finance is not only communication and marketing concepts. Credit Management jobs can be done using green principles. Interesting point: green is always associated to efficiency in our job!
During a time where Covid crisis consequences overwhelm other subjects in the media, we should not forget the key stakes of environment. Anybody could ask himself: "What could I do to reduce my carbon footprint?" What is true for a person is also true for a profession. What about...
Integrate a payment solution into your collection e-mails!
My DSO Manager allows to include dynamically payments buttons in dunning e-mails. Customers can pay the due amount very easily. This contributes to cash and DSO improvement!
Thanks to our connectors with online payment solutions (Payzen, Paypal, others to come), it is possible to integrate bank card payment buttons in your reminder e-mails in a few clicks! Benefit from all My DSO Manager flexibility using the various #Hashtag to define the amount(s) to pay: ...
Apply the keys of cash collection!
During crisis period where credit management and debt collection are under pressure, it is fair to apply the best practices to be the most efficient in collecting cash activities. How to?
Find out our tutorial about the pillars of cash collection! It is clear that a good collector manages to get paid while improving customer relation and satisfaction when a bad collector won't be paid and will impact negatively customer relation. How this is possible? This is due to the...
How to manage your customer risk during Covid 19 crisis?
How to assess the solvency of its customers in the midst of the turmoil of the most brutal economic crisis of the modern era? New tutorial offered by Credit Management tools
Due to the suddenness of the crisis, the usual methods of customer risk management became obsolete overnight. A relevant credit analysis model last February is now totally outdated and does not make it possible to assess the solvency of its customers and therefore to secure its outstandings...
Financial analysis : understand the balance sheet !
Balance sheet is a key element of financial analysis as it provides with the actual health of a company. What are its financial ressources and how are they used?
Need to understand how the balance sheet analysis can help you to assess creditworthiness of your customers? Look at our tutorial that explains the key principles of this basic credit management activity.Balance sheet analysis allows to setup credit limits and payment conditions in line with...
My DSO Manager news: formatting of postmail letters, multi-entity reports and currencies management
My DSO Manager always gets improved to be the most efficient credit management software. Here are the last news and released done on the SaaS solution.
You will find below the new features recently added to My DSO Manager: Improvement concerning the formatting of postmail letters ? it is now possible to simply add style effects to your mails (colors, bold, etc.) Manage your account's currencies conversion rates ? by...
How to perform reliable credit analysis during Covid-19 crisis?
What is credit analysis and how does it help to prevent the risk of unpaid invoices especially during actual crisis which may impact creditworthiness of businesses very quickly?
The crisis that strikes us is so sudden that the situation of companies can drastically change in the space of a few weeks. How to take into account this major risk of seeing your customers become insolvent and not being able to pay your invoices? How to assess their resilience to the crisis?Find...
How crisis show how people and companies are?
Inter-company credit, a real thermometer of the attitude of companies in times of crisis. How to orient it in the right direction?
«Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked.». This somewhat grotesque maxim by Warren Buffet illustrates, however, an inherent reality in times of crisis: if stability frames behavior and conditions it, exceptional situations break these locks and reveals...
The credit management facing a shock wave
Assessment of the economic impacts on businesses and inter-company credit of the crisis following the Covid19. How to cope ?
French companies have applied for state-guaranteed loans for nearly 3 billion euros. The number of people already on partial unemployment has also crossed the 5 million threshold and this should continue.The deaths are numerous and it does not matter where we are on the planet. This unprecedented...

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