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What is cash culture?
The answer could be summed up as: "To collect as quickly and consistently as possible".
Indeed, in order to guarantee the development of its activities, the company must generate a maximum of cash and not only focus on its results or profits. It is indeed the cash flow that allows the company to commit to investment expenses, R&D, and more pragmatically to face general...
Welcome to Words of Experts
What is Words of Experts? How to contribute?
Credit Management Tools is a community of more than 30 000 users per month who meet around the themes of credit management! We are proud of this and we are committed to living up to your loyalty and continuing to share our knowledge. That's why we invite you to become an author by publishing...
Discover the services connected to My DSO Manager
Imagine a place where everyone has free access to a multitude of connected services: that's the My DSO Manager constellation.
My DSO Manager has continued to grow and develop and thanks to its partners, the solution is now present in more than 85 countries, used daily by more than 15,000 people. It is a 100% real-time solution, available 24/7, 365 days a year. My DSO Manager confirms its status as a key player...
CM tools interviews: Ekaterina Nikanorova, Regional Credit Manager
Let's talk about credit management only, appart of the actuality. Here is a short interview with a credit management expert, to talk about credit management practices and context in Russia.
Could you introduce yourself and describe your background? I graduated two Moscow Universities and have Master degrees as Biotechnology engineer and Economist (International Finance).Have been working whole my career in International companies with headquarters in South Korea, USA,...
The CFO, a key role during the crisis
The return of the war on the Ukrainian front is profoundly transforming our environment and European companies are now feeling the full impact of the shockwave of this conflict.
The guarantee of good administrative and financial management within the company is the responsibility of the CFO: the Chief Financial Officer, a real pillar in times of crisis. The CFO must preserve the financial health of his company by facing a certain number of problems due to the...
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Government resilience plan
What are the measures in the Government's resilience plan for businesses impacted by the war in Ukraine?
The Government is maintaining the loans put in place during the Covid 19 health crisis to prevent bankruptcy of affected businesses and adding provisions for businesses subject to the economic consequences of the Ukrainian conflict: The state-guaranteed loan (PGE) is available until June...
Euler Hermes becomes Allianz Trade
Euler Hermes changes its name and becomes Allianz Trade.
On March 28, 2022, the world leader in credit insurance, Euler Hermes announced its name change. "We are very happy to see Euler Hermes become Allianz Trade, and are convinced that this change will bring many benefits in terms of brand awareness, business development, growth and...
Should we talk about credit management in 2022?
Are there legitimate subjects when fundamental values ​​are denied? Does our job still make sense when barbarism imposes itself on us?
How to talk about credit management when millions of people are suddenly attacked? That the missiles threaten, that the cantors of destruction make themselves heard again, that the soldiers bring out their medals and advocate the unspeakable past suffering as a symbol of the greatest...
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The crisis committee on payment terms becomes the action committee on supplies and payment terms.
After the confinement measures, it is the resumption of activity that caused supply tensions for electronic products and raw materials.
Faced with tensions over supplies, the French Ministers of Economy and Industry have decided, with the Banque de France, to extend the missions of the crisis committee led by the Business Mediator and the National Credit Mediator. While the entire economy is affected, the hardest hit sectors are...

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