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Late payments will increase in the coming months
Pandemic, difficult geopolitical context, inflation, difficulty to find staff, rising interest rates... So many factors that impact the health of French companies.
In France, in the space of one year, payment delays between companies have increased from 11 to 17 days, while those of public services to companies have exploded from 9 to 23 days, according to Intrum. Businesses are expecting a further increase in late payments this year, driven by...
How to implement an effective collection strategy?
To ensure a healthy business, it is vital that customers pay invoices on the contractual due date. The best way to make sure this happens is to have a cash collection system in place that is as efficient as possible.
Check customer satisfaction before the due date The first thing to do is to measure the level of customer satisfaction by phone, mail or e-mail. Unhappy customers are likely to pay late. If there is a lot of dissatisfaction, the financial repercussions can be significant for your...
My DSO Manager, the credit management software in Alpine style
A climb in high altitude takes a few days in Alpine style or several months in classical style. The same applies to the implementation of a software. My DSO Manager is the first credit management solution in Alpine style
The Alpine-style refers to mountain climbers who make climbs in high altitude in an autonomous and very fast way thanks to the high skills and quality of equipment. It is opposed to the classical expedition style where mountaineers set up fixed camps, connected by fixed ropes, fed with material...
Participate in the webinar exclusively on the risk agenda
Experience enhanced risk management in My DSO Manager with a dynamic and relevant risk agenda! 100% in real time!
  What day? Thursday June 23th, 2022 What time? 2:00 to 2:30 pm ...
How to automate your invoicing and make the link with your accounting firm?
The invoicing system is an essential point. Indeed, invoicing and collecting its sales and/or services remain the goal of each company. A bad management of the invoicing and the unpaid can enormously impact a company.
1 - Legal notices Invoices must contain numerous items of information, which may vary depending on the business. We will mention here only the main ones: Have a number for each invoice Invoice in chronological order Indicate the mandatory legal mentions (payment conditions) on...
Quickbooks & My DSO Manager, your allies for your accounting and cash collections!
Quickbooks synchronizes your customer and account data simply and automatically.
My DSO Manager is a SaaS-based cash collection software for businesses that significantly improves cash flow and profitability. It is possible for Quickbooks users to use My DSO Manager with just a few clicks.   How to connect QuickBooks with My DSO Manager? Synchronize your...
Manage your credit risk thanks to the risk agenda!
Experience Augmented Risk Management in My DSO Manager thanks to a dynamic and relevant risk agenda! 100% real time!
The risk agenda is a new feature available in My DSO Manager, credit management and collection SaaS software, allowing you to manage customers risk thanks to automatic and manual actions available in an agenda and on the customer file. It complements and enhances existing risk functionalities,...
My DSO Manager is recruiting a Project Manager
P2B Solutions is a company created in 2015 and editor of the Saas software My DSO Manager used by more than 1100 companies in 85 countries. With a strong development in France and abroad, it has become a leader in its sector.
My DSO Manager is an attractive credit management solution adapted to SMEs, and large groups that offers a set of powerful features to improve cash flow, profitability and customer satisfaction. Attached to the business service, you will integrate a dynamic team and a human-sized...
Cash flow problems fueled by the current economic climate
Cash flow and access to liquidity are once again a problem for companies
Hard blow for Scopelec Scopelec has announced that it is to cut more than 20% of its jobs, representing 800 jobs out of a total of 4,000. This failure is caused by the loss of a significant part of the contracts with Orange, the French telecommunication giant, which provided 40% of Scopelec's...
Interview with Oliveyra Maximiliano
Maximiliano Oliveyra, I am the Regional Manager of Structured Trade Finance for North LATAM in ADM. I have been over 20 years in finance, accounting...
Could you introduce yourself and describe your background? Maximiliano Oliveyra, I am the Regional Manager of Structured Trade Finance for North LATAM in ADM. I have been over 20 years in finance, accounting and process management working with recognized companies from different business areas. ...
How factoring can meet today's cash flow needs?
For several months now, companies have needed to find cash flow solutions to cope with the economic situation.
Several major events have triggered this need: for some companies, the PGEs (state-guaranteed loans) that were taken out at the height of the health crisis are due for repayment, and not all of them have recovered the cash flow required to do so. For others, it is the rise in raw material...

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