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Reporting in My DSO Manager

Reporting in My DSO ManagerMy DSO Manager offers several reports on all aspects of the management of customer receivables and collections. They are available on 3 levels:

  • on all receivables
  • for a customer group
  • by client or legal entity if multiple accounts are linked to the same company

It is possible to view all the reports by collector or by internal actor (commercial, sales assistant ...).
For the customized versions analytical fields are configurable (consult us).
Most of the reports can be displayed at an earlier date to track and anticipate trends.
All data can be exported in Excel with a simple click.

Aging Balance

Must have report for the management of debt collection, the Aging balance in My DSO Manager is displayed with dynamic graph and a table with customer where it is possible to sort by many criteria, including the brackets of delay (overdue 1 - 30 days...).
Aging balance
Just a few clicks to see the most significant overdues, the largest outstanding or major overdues of more than 90 days. This helps prioritize recovery actions on larger issues.
It is also an essential tool for the management of the recovery performance of collectors and evaluation of the quality of receivables. Indeed, a balance with old aged receivables results in a deterioration of cash and a lower net result of the company (older is the debt, lower is the probability of recovery). .


The Disputes report identifies the main causes and the amount of receivables pending payment for disputes reasons. It also gives the breakdown by customer (in number and amount), as well as by type of dispute, in order to understand which customers or sectors of the company are affected by these malfunctions.
Disputes report
My DSO Manager also calculates the average time to resolve a dispute by typology (administrative disputes, quality, price ...), and highlights the areas of the company where disputes are handled carelessly.


Get the DSO of your company splitted in current DSO and overdue DSO.
Key performance indicator of the receivables management, DSO monitoring is a major asset for cash flow optimization. DSO Report
The DSO report in My DSO Manager also include the Overdue %, antoher key indicator of debt collection, which shows the share of receivables due in the total outstanding amount. It can be set if you want to use as an indicator the delay rate of more than 30 days, 60 days or 90 days ...
This report makes it possible to quickly identify the customers or customer groups to focus on to improve these key indicators of business management.
The annual cost of a DSO day can be calculated per customer, based on your company's internal interest rate set in your account preferences.

Items Status

In My DSO Manager it is recommended to qualify unpaid invoices using the corresponding statuses (unlimited number and fully customizable), which ensures that all outstanding receivables are followed. Items Status

It is also possible to visualize the evolution of these statuses, making it possible to identify the recurrent causes of delays and thus work on improvement axes.



This report makes it possible to control the outstanding customers amount in relation to their credit limit and the payment guarantees obtained (credit insurance guarantees, bank guarantees,...).
It also highlights available outstandings and customers who are over the credit limit for good reasons (growth in sales) or bad (unpaid invoices). Risk report

This report also enable you to follow the credit limits and their validation


Cash forecast

In My DSO Manager the cash forecast calculation is based on:

  • the collection work done (items qualifications)
  • your customers payment behavior constated in My DSO Manager
  • your company performance in dispute management
  • the exclusion of the items qualified in "litigations"

Cash forecast

Overdue trend

It measures the debt recovery performance, highlighting the causes of deterioration and improvement. Overdue trend

And many others...

My DSO Manager also propose:

  • A Cash receipts report which allows you to visualize the receipts of your customers on different perimeters
  • In order to follow the global activity, in groups or by customers of your company My DSO Manager integrates a Sales report
  • You also have the opportunity with Payment schedule report the to view the distribution of your receivables plus outstanding items in different brackets according to their due date...


All the reports are available in each customer file, in the "Reports and indicators" tab:

Customer file report

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