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Zoom on credit management policy template
A credit management policy defines the rules and practices to grant credit to customers, manage debt collection...etc. It is a key tool to implement in any business.
Look at our tutorial and credit management policy template to create and implement in your company key principles of credit management. This document will define all the practicices and rules to manage efficiently accounts receivable. It has to be shared and validated by all stakeholders...
My DSO Manager news!
Import data, alerts, interactive emails ... find the improvements made to My DSO Manager, ergonomic web software for debt collection and credit management.
Here are the new features recently added to My DSO Manager: Importing your data by SFTP → Automatic import via FTP is now possible in SFTP (SSH FTP) and FTPS (FTP secure) to meet all needs.Sending of files can be done at any time of the day and several times a day if necessary. Data, actions...
Involve your colleagues with the internal interactive emails!
Ideal tool to accelerate the resolution of disputes preventing the payment of your bills, the internal interactive emails allow your colleagues to interact easily on the receivables management.
My DSO Manager, simple, efficient and flexible solution to accelerate your cash receipts. Internal interactive emails are a very powerful communication tool to interact with internal stakeholders. In particular, it makes possible to speed up the resolution of disputes by concentrating in one...
My DSO Manager : set custom alerts in your agenda
At the same time powerful and intuitive, adapted to SME as big Groups, My DSO Manager evolves with simple and relevant functionalities.
It is now possible to create customized alerts according to multiple criteria: overdue amount, date of last recovery action, overrun of credit limit, ... These alerts ensure that all accounts receivable are under control, whether in terms of collection or credit risk management. ...
Debt collection softwares: How to select the one you need?
The use of a credit Management and debt collection software is key for a good management of accounts receivable. How to select the good one?
Several solutions are available on this specific market. Not all of them meet with modern requirements (flexibility, efficiency...) and are based on old technologies. How to assess a software and what are the main criteria to select the tool you need? Read the article.
New features added to My DSO Manager
The innovative debt collection software, simple to use, affordable and efficient is continuously improved with new functionalities. Try now!
Here are the new features recently added to MY DSO MANAGER: Edit and delete comments associated with items The status and comments are editable by clicking on the desired item. If this comment was applied to several invoices, My DSO Manager asks if the change...
New actions graphs to manage collection agenda
Graphics giving a synthetic vision of recovery actions carried out and to make, filterable with multiple criteria
My DSO Manager is constantly evolving. While keeping its simplicity and intuitiveness for the user, new features and improvements are added in order to make the software ever more qualitative. Our main focus is to increase its relevance always avoiding the "nice to have", ie functionnality not...
When will you be paid by your customers?
My DSO Manager offers a credible forecast of future cash in, to perform an optimized cash management based on promises to pay and customers payment behavior calculated in the software.
Knowing when you will get paid by your customers is a key issue in your business management. In order to have this visibility, My DSO Manager offers a new report « Cash forecast ». This report is a help tool to manage your cash and reveals predictively the benefits of monitoring...
Back to school or back to cash?
How to optimize debt collection in September after summer break, one of the most difficult periods of the year for businesses cash?
After a month of August during which economic activity and corporate treasuries are snorkeling, the beginning of September should allow businesses breathing great gulps of cash to recover their financial strength. Invoices remained on hold in...
My DSO Manager has already one year!
Easy to implement, innovative, effective and affordable: the keys to success of My DSO Manager!
This first anniversary is an opportunity to make a point about our innovative solution: After 12 months of activity, My DSO Manager has more than 100 active customers across all continents, from SMEs to multinational groups. They trust us: Thanks to My DSO Manager, our...
How to Avoid Cash Flow Problems in Business?
What are the 6 main potential cash flow problem that may happen for your business. How to avoid them?
On occasion, your business will find itself in a cash flow crisis. Or maybe you are completely disorganized and need to get the fundamentals of your business under control. And truth be told, it’s one of the biggest reasons why as many as 25% of companies do not survive for longer than...

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