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Zoom on the debt collection kit
Download the collection kit including many templates of reminder mails and emails as well as tutorials for each step of the telephone call, from pre-chase to pre-litigation.
Debt collection management requires several competencies to be efficient : Good understanding of accounts receivable management and stakes of this activity (cash, profitability, customer satisfaction ...) Sales and relationship skills, whether with clients or internally ...
What is the role of the CFO in Accounts Receivable management?
Accounts receivable are a key financial stake related to company's cash flow and profitability. What is the role of the CFO in this management and the choices that relate to it?
Accounts Receivable management and credit management are often overlooked by company executives. However, it has multiple consequences, primarily financial but also commercial. The receivables are also a barometer of the quality produced by the company at all stages of the quote to cash...
QuickBooks users, improve your debt collection with few clicks
Do not miss the opportunity to effectively manage your debt collection in a simple and accessible way with My DSO Manager.
You can upload your customer and receivable data into My DSO Manager in a few clicks with our dedicated connector. You will then be able to immediately use our efficient credit management and debt collection software. How to proceed ? Find My DSO Manager in the App Store of Quickbooks! Sync...
My DSO Manager news
Find out what's new and the latest improvements My DSO Manager, the most powerful, intuitive and simple web-based recovery software
The technical, financial and human constraints linked to the implementation of a software often explain the reluctance to embark on this type of adventure. The creation of My DSO Manager has been organized around this issue, in order to reduce it considerably, or even totally eliminate...
Credit management organization
What are the different ways to organize credit management function? Advantages and disavantages of each one.
Credit management function can be managed in different ways. It is very interesting to see how it is organized depending on the type of business and / or the country of the company. Commercial culture is a key element in credit management. So there may have as many credit organization as...
News of My DSO Manager
Latest features added to My DSO Manager, allowing to improve efficiency and intuitivity of the debt collection software.
Here are the new features recently added to My DSO Manager: View the progress of the collection scenario directly in the customer record! Understand at a glance which stage of the collection scenario you are with: In green, actions that have been completed ...
The enigmas of the DSO
The DSO is the main KPI for accounts receivable management but it is not always easy to understand. What is really the DSO?
The DSO is certainly the most widely used indicator in credit management in all countries of the world. It is a major stake because of its key role in evaluating business performance and its effect on the working capital requirement (WCR). However, it is not easy to grasp. It is the subject...
Zoom on credit management policy template
A credit management policy defines the rules and practices to grant credit to customers, manage debt collection...etc. It is a key tool to implement in any business.
Look at our tutorial and credit management policy template to create and implement in your company key principles of credit management. This document will define all the practicices and rules to manage efficiently accounts receivable. It has to be shared and validated by all stakeholders...
My DSO Manager news!
Import data, alerts, interactive emails ... find the improvements made to My DSO Manager, ergonomic web software for debt collection and credit management.
Here are the new features recently added to My DSO Manager: Importing your data by SFTP → Automatic import via FTP is now possible in SFTP (SSH FTP) and FTPS (FTP secure) to meet all needs.Sending of files can be done at any time of the day and several times a day if necessary. Data, actions...
Involve your colleagues with the internal interactive emails!
Ideal tool to accelerate the resolution of disputes preventing the payment of your bills, the internal interactive emails allow your colleagues to interact easily on the receivables management.
My DSO Manager, simple, efficient and flexible solution to accelerate your cash receipts. Internal interactive emails are a very powerful communication tool to interact with internal stakeholders. In particular, it makes possible to speed up the resolution of disputes by concentrating in one...
My DSO Manager : set custom alerts in your agenda
At the same time powerful and intuitive, adapted to SME as big Groups, My DSO Manager evolves with simple and relevant functionalities.
It is now possible to create customized alerts according to multiple criteria: overdue amount, date of last recovery action, overrun of credit limit, ... These alerts ensure that all accounts receivable are under control, whether in terms of collection or credit risk management. ...

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