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At year end, put the turbo on debt collection
Why and how to optimize the accounts receivable at end of the year, which often corresponds to the end of the companies' financial year?
For many companies the end of calendar year corresponds with the end of their financial year. The balance sheet as of December 31 will form the basis of evaluation of creditworthiness done by many analysts: Credit insurers Banks Suppliers Clients ...etc. These actors...
New features for calculating the DSO
Calculate the DSO on several scopes. What is the DSO a group of client, an activity of your company, or a particular client?
A new feature allows you to calculate DSO and to perform DSO reporting on several perimeters. There are many advantages for this segmentation of the DSO as it helps to detect which areas are potential improvements. Using the application for calculating the average cost of financing your...
New tool for calculating due dates
Online tool to calculate in two clicks due date of your bill regardless of the payment term used
New online tool to easily calculate the due date of your invoice. Select the date of issuance of the invoice and the payment delay to apply and the tool gives you the invoice due date. The proper calculation of the due date is essential to get paid in a timely manner by its customer! ...
How to avoid late payments?
10 methods and tips to avoid late payments and improve cash flow of your business.
Late payment and non-payment are the root cause of one business failure in four. Tens of thousands of companies go bankrupt every year because of this. They are a significant obstacle to business development and an explanation of sluggish growth in regions like southern Europe. Businesses...
New section on penalties for late delivery
What are the conditions for the application of penalties for late delivery to a supplier? Are there any legal requirements? Calculator online.
New section on penalties for late delivery explaining the conditions to apply them to the supplier. The article includes an online tool for calculating penalties for late delivery, allowing them to charge and recover from the seller. See the article here. Go to the tool here.
Credit management policy template
A Credit Management procedure is an operationnal tool which defines internal rules to make quotations, grant credit and manage collection and disputes. This tool is a template that can be used to create your own credit policy
New tutorial and new tool with the credit management policy template available on Credit Management tools. This document is key to reach good performances in accounts receivable management as it defines internal credit rules of the company and organize the communication and responsibilities...
New cash simulation tool
What is the impact of customer and supplier payment terms in the cash for your business? This simulator allows you to become aware of the profound effect of payment delays.
Evaluate the cash impact on your business due to payment terms used with your customers combined with those used with suppliers. This tool allows to determine the current net cash generated by these two components and simulate the impact of changes in payment behavior of customers. It is...
New online scoring tool available
The Credit notation tool is now available online with new features
Based on 16 customizable criteria, the credit rating enables a relevant human scoring of its customers. It is essential that this exercise be done "by hand" by the credit analyst allowing him to build his reflection on the buyer by reading all the elements. ...
Evolution of the economic situation: what effects on business to business credit?
Evolution of the economic situation, particularly in the Eurozone and the impact on trade credit following the conference on the Coface country risk January 21st.
Will 2014 be a key year in the evolution of the global economic crisis of 2007? For 7 years now, the crisis is there. One of its features is to have touched advanced countries unlike previous crises that had affected mainly emerging countries (Asian...
Online tools of DSO computation and late payment penalites calculation
Credit tools launches new online tools that enable new capabilities: reporting, storage of its data, interconnection between different tools ... etc.. Each week a new tool will be available online.
The first two online tools are available on Credit Management tools! Many other tools will follow in the coming weeks with the aim of making dynamic tools of Credit Management. The late payment penalties calculation tool allows...

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