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Trade credit in the fun !
Economic context and consequences of intercompany credit for businesses in their debt collection
We live in a world where credit and cash have become the main concerns of economic actors. Whether from the top of great states or from a business manager point of view, the "cash" is essential to survive, pay...
Optimize your balance sheet!
How to use debt collection and receivables management to improve its balance sheet at year-end
The end of the year approaches and this period is for many companies the close of the annual accounts. Balance sheet and income statement that will result will then be analysed by many analysts: ...
Collect efficiently your invoices!
How to collect efficiently invoices by implementing a efficient collection process
Source Credit tools It is now essential to adopt a bills recovery process in the operating mode of your business. This has only advantages (improved cash flow and profitability, reducing working capital ...). ; Claiming your...
Debt crisis, which consequences for businesses ?
Effects of the debt crisis on the relationship between business and the management of receivable (credit management)
Source Credit tools We are currently experiencing the second act of the financial crisis that began in 2008. If the indebtedness of American households has been the trigger for a chain reaction hardly curbed in 2009 and 2010, the...
The illusion of the end of the crisis
Reality of the economical crisis and its consequences on credit management and businesses failures
Source Credit tools It is now easy to deduce from the media and communications of companies that the crisis is over and that the sectors which are still struggling will quickly turn out again on a growth cycle limited but durable. ...

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