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New features included in MY DSO MANAGER
Details of last release of My DSO Manager, the new debt collection software
Here are the new features recently added to MY DSO MANAGER: They are related to the ergonomy of the tool with the quick search feature, the languages available on dunning documents for statements of accounts and data retrieved with #Hashtags and a facility to add quickly a contact for collection...
Speed up collection of your receivable after the summer with My DSO Manager
September is a crucial month during which getting the cash is critical to your business. Use My DSO Manager now to optimize the effectiveness of your recovery!
September is a key period in the management of debt collection. The business activity restarts at full capacity, soliciting their cash to fund this increase while cash is stretched because of a spike in payment delays due to the summer period. Everyone runs after the payment of its invoices...
Ethics of debt collection
What are the key principles for combining ethics and debt recovery performance?
The perception by the public of a function or a poorly known activity often comes down to a cartoon from a few extreme practices used by a minority of players. Many examples illustrate this reality. This is particularly the case of debt collection, with the difference that the practices that...
New features on MY DSO MANAGER
A company scoring tool and a credit limit set up tools have been added to the application
Here are the new features recently added to MY DSO MANAGER: New companies scoring tool: Credit notation It is based on 12 financial, legal and behavioral criteria. It is customizable and provides with a score as well as a risk category. Learn more New credit limit...
Tutorial on recovery scenarios
Using recovery scenarios is essential to achieve good receivables management performance. How to implement them?
New tutorial on recovery scenarios which are essential tools to optimize the management of the working capital and cash flows of its company. These structured processes also have a strong impact on quality and customer satisfaction. Contrary to what think some sales people, a lax recovery is...
MY DSO MANAGER is online !
The innovative web debt collection application is now available. Start using it now
MY DSO MANAGER is launched ! You can access to the application now and begin your 15-day free trial. Discover: the presentation video and the operating mode the demo and online help and especially the application itself you can use right now See you soon on MY DSO...
The launch of MY DSO MANAGER approaches!
The innovative web application of debt collection will be made available to businesses by the end of June!
MY DSO MANAGER will be online by end of June! Key principles Simple. The software is easy to access and to use. You can make your first dunning actions few minutes after registration. Efficient. The...
Simplification and improvement of the credit notation scoring tool
What are the criteria that make a relevant business scoring tool? Evolution of the online tool Credit Notation
The relevance of a business scoring method depends on three essential criteria: Simplicity and understandability of the tool by the user. Completeness of criteria that cover financial and behavioral aspects. Construction of the score by the user. Indeed, a sophisticated score...
Tutorial and online tool for calculating the Z score
The Z-score is very used by credit analysts. What are its strengths and limitations? Online Calculator
New tutorial on Edward Altman Z score, American inventor in 1968 of the business scoring tool which establish a probability of default within two years. The Z score is still widely used after many successive tests and improvements. It is very popular especially by Anglo-Saxon companies who...
New tutorial on ageing balance
How to create and use an ageing balance? How can it help you in managing your trade receivable? Tutorial and Excel tool to download.
Tutorial on the ageing balance The ageing balance is an indispensable tool for organizing debt collection According to its presentation, it gives several views of customer balances (not due yet, overdue for more than 120 days... etc.) and it helps to prioritize dunning actions. It...
New tool : the credit risk profile sheet
This tool helps to make a synthesis of a credit case and to consolidate all information needed (commercial, financial, political and economical context...etc.) into a single document.
This new tool is a simple sheet including all the data required to perform a strong credit analysis and to be able to share easily this credit case with all people involved in the credit risk validation process. It is divided into several parts: Customer data. Macroeconomic context...

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