Easy Credit Notation

Scoring d'entreprises The Easy Crédit Notation is a company scoring tool for assigning a credit rating to each of its clients. It is based on 9 complementary criteria configurable by the user.

The tool provides a score out of 10 and a risk category:
  • A : Strong account (very low risk).
  • B : Stable account (low risk).
  • C : Weak account (medium / high risk).
  • D : Default account (very high risk).
The score obtained allows to:
  • Guide commercial negotiations to mitigate credit risk.
  • Take it into account as a criteria of the credit limit set up.
  • Adjust its debt collection strategy which will be more aggressive if the risk is high.
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Easy credit notation criteria Set up your own criterion

Company legal form Age of the company Payment history
DSO Sales force input Order trends
Coface country rating Age of business relation Financials
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