DSO calculation and reporting

Calul du DSO
Why calculate the DSO?

  • This is a key indicator of receivables performance management. It represents the number of days of sales stuck in the accounts receivable.
  • Improving DSO (acronym of Days Sales Outstanding) has a direct effect on cash flow of a business.
  • The main drivers for improvement are :
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Set up DSO calculation scopes :
  • On the total accounts receivable of your company.
  • On a specific business or group of customers.
  • On a single customer.

Month selection

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Account Receivables

Total AR*
*Total AR is equal to the sum of current receivable and overdue receivable

DSO value
Including current DSO:
Including overdue DSO:
Overdue ratio
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How to Interpret the result:

  • The DSO is the sum of contractual DSO and overdue DSO.
  • The contractual DSO represents the share of the indicator which is due to the payment term granted to the clients.
  • Overdue DSO is the part that is the result of late payments from customers.

DSO Reporting

  • Your DSO trend on a monthly basis.
  • Cost of the DSO with the global cost of accounts receivable and cost of overdue DSO.
  • Overdue % report (overdue / total AR), key performance indicator in cash collection
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DSO graphs templates

DSO evolution
Overdue ratio
DSO cost